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XKEYBOARD in X 3.3.6

Hello all,

I was just upgrading a few libraries for cups and xpp when I developed some odd problems.

Now, my backspace key functions as delete and the number pad works as numbers whether or not the Number Lock is on. I have a normal 104 key IBM keyboard.

I was unable fix this with XF86Setup but when it started up it had a warning that it was unable to read information from the keyboard. It also said this usually happens when the XKEYBOARD extension is not enabled or the x-server does not support it. The xkeyboard extension is installed:

#xdpyinfo -ext XKEYBOARD | tail -2

XKEYBOARD version 1.0 opcode: 136, base event: 84, base error: 136
The XF86config file has the following in the keyboard section:

Section "Keyboard"
  Protocol        "Standard"
  XkbRules        "xfree86"
  XkbModel        "pc104"
  XkbLayout       "us"

This is puzzling because I didn't change the configuration when this stopped working properly.

Any help would be appreciated.


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