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Re: CD burning & mkisofs segmentation fault.

On Nov 27 2000, Daniel Ferrante wrote:
> When I try to create an image (of, say, my home directory) after a
> certain time, mkisofs reports a seg fault. The interesting thing is
> that, this "certain time" varies every time I run the command!

	This is the most common case of a segmentation fault happening
	due to memory programs. Since mkisofs makes extensive use of
	memory in a short period of time, it actually happens to
	trigger bad memory quite easily.

	So, I'd recommend you to check your memory (use memtest86 --
	use google for that) for 1 or 2 days.

	The fact that it happens randomly each time and that it
	freezes your system (does Linux issue an Oops?) seems to be a
	stronger evidence in that direction.

	[]s, Roger...

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