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Re: "startx lxdoom" - wrong colormap

Sven Hoexter <sven@telelev.net> writes:

> > which shows perfect colors but is quite slow.
> Hm, lxdoom ist _very_ slow!

AFAIK you must blame the original Doom code for this, not lxdoom.  It
simply wasn't designed for higher resoultions and scales very badly.

> On my K6-2 400 the maximum resolution is 800x600 with KDE2 ;-)
> Better is 640x480. Try it with a lower resolution (the parameter for
> lxdoom are mention in the readme)

I'm running it already at 320x200.  I know that it runs much faster at
8bpp than at 16bpp as I can try it out.  The problem is just those
wrong colors.  And running it under a window manager doesn't satisfact
me either.


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