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Re: can't listen to my audio cds

>>>>> "Dave" == Dave Bresson <david.bresson@yale.edu> writes:

    Dave> hi, i'm having a small problem with my potato workstation.  The
    Dave> problem is that i'm unable to listen (or do anything with) my audio
    Dave> cds.  Before anyone asks, yes, the cd audio cable is connected, and
    Dave> the drive does work properly otherwise.  By this, i mean that i can
    Dave> mount any kinda of data cd to /cdrom and be able to read it just
    Dave> fine.  However, i can't mount an audio cd, when i try this it
    Dave> complains:

    Dave> mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/cdrom, or
    Dave> too many mounted file systems

That's normal.  Audio cd's, in general, don't have a filesystem, so you can't
mount them.  (I say "in general" because there are some cd's that are both
audio and data.)

You don't need to mount.  You just need to point your cd player to /dev/cdrom.

    Dave> when i try to just brute force it by just starting gcd (kind of the
    Dave> dumb approach i guess) gcd just complains about it not "being able to

Not a dumb approach.  This is the normal way.

    Dave> open the cd device" this is despite gcd pointing at /dev/cdrom and
    Dave> all.  My audio in general works fine on this machine, although that's
    Dave> a little beside the point and not very helpful.  I thought that
    Dave> perhaps that this was a groups issue for my non-privaleged account,
    Dave> so i added that account to the "audio" group, to no avail.  Although

/dev/cdrom is a link to /dev/hd?, which is in the disk group.  I'm not sure
what the "proper" way to set that up is, but I changed mine so that it's in the
"floppy" group instead, and added myself to the "floppy" group.

    Dave> i can't get it to work as root either, so i guess i should've taken
    Dave> that as a hint that the group thing wouldn't work.  Anyway, i've

Strange that you can't get it to work as root either.  I've didn't have a
problem with audio cd's other than adding myself to the right group.

    Dave> never had this problem before with any of my other linux boxen, so
    Dave> i'm a little dumbfounded.  I think i've troubleshooted it quite a
    Dave> bit, but haven't found the answer, so i'm hoping that someone here
    Dave> will be able to help me.  My only idea is that perhaps when i rolled
    Dave> my own kernel for this machine (using kernel-package of course :)
    Dave> that perhaps i may have messed up support for audio cds somehow.

I don't remember there being any sort of option related to audio cd's in the
kernel config.  I'm using my own kernel too.

    Dave> Well, that's my only guess anyway.  I hope all this information will
    Dave> be of some use to y'all in solving my problem.  Thanks,

Well, I didn't answer your question, but I hope I've at least given you
something to go on.


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