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Re: full duplex sound card ?

++ 23/11/00 19:12 +0100 - erasmo perez:
> hello dear friends
> does anyone knows if the following sound card works as full duplex
> under linux, i mean, if its driver works in full duplex mode ?
> CREATIVE SB 128 P&P (Stereo) PCI
> if this is not the case, which sound cards had been reported as
> working with full duplex mode under linux ? (and that are not so
> expensive :-))
> the intended use is voice trasnmission using speakfreely. i already
> use this aplication, but at the long term is a little bit fustrating
> using it in half duplex mode

I have this working with the alsa drivers (http://www.alsa-project.org/)
and am very happy with the setup. Setting up the drivers is pretty
simple as long as you have the kernel headers installed correctly (if
you built your own kernel then you do). Speakfreely is a nice app, and 
the alsa drivers seem to work well in full duplex mode. You'll need
the snd-card-ens1371 module and probably the oss emulation stuff. 

The documentation on the alsa site is fairly good. I was able to
get it running first time through.

> thank you for your help

Hope that works for you


> greetings
> erasmo..

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