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Re: Debian + isdn = ? (a waste of time, so far!)

Robert.Land@t-online.de (robert_wilhelm_land) wrote: 
>garyjones@linuxfreemail.com wrote:

>> Can you let me know if your upgrade works,
>> please? If so I'll just put it down to 'one of those things' and d/l
>> a new version.

>Gary, I was told to use the latest isdn4linux because my distribution
>came with the 2.0.35 kernel at the end of '98. The isdn4linux package
>on the distriCD might be therefor to old to work with the 2.0.39
>kernel properly.
>Of course I'll let you know what I have achieved

I've just had a look at linux4isdn ftp. There's a note in oldstuff that "There are several subdirectories:
v2.0 Patches and userlevel-package for 2.0 kernel."

In the 2.0 directory I see the 3.0beta2 gz which I have, so that 
seems to indicate that what I have should work with the 2.0.x kernel, 
I think. I'm going to try building it fro mthe source, I'll let you know how i get on.

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