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Re: Converting to SCSI. HELP!!!

"Brandt Dusthimer" <brandt.dusthimer@qcom.net> writes:

> Me is dumb.  I figured that DMA would already be in place. . . hehe.  GUESS
> NOT SMART ONE!  Uh, you wouldn't happen to be able to provide me with the
> info how to enable it, perferable in the best performance mode.  If it
> envolves creating a new kernel, no problem.  I've done that many times
> before.  Plus, I've got a Thunderbird 750MHz.  Takes only five minutes to
> compile it.
>     As another side note, I'm using a Western Digital 30gig.  I heard
> something about WDs not being up to par with other hard drives when it comes
> to . . . about everything.  How much of that (That you know of) is true?

Use the hdparm command (as root).  The command would be something
like: hdparm -d 1 /dev/hda (or whatever your disk is).  Also look at
the manpage for the -c and -m, and possibly carefully try the -u
option.  If you don't have hdparm, install the hwtools package.  You
can edit the /etc/init.d/hwtools file to run the appropriate command
during boot.  My bios also has a setting to enable or disable dma, and 
I am not sure if hdparm can override that.

Nobody has mentioned this, but using audio for mp3 files drastically
slows down my disk, as well as running 'esd' whether or not it is
being used.  Try checking your disk speed with 'hdparm -Tt /dev/hda'.
If you use 'esd', try checking speed with and without it.

Carl Johnson		carlj@peak.org

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