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Re: Converting to SCSI. HELP!!!

Me is dumb.  I figured that DMA would already be in place. . . hehe.  GUESS
NOT SMART ONE!  Uh, you wouldn't happen to be able to provide me with the
info how to enable it, perferable in the best performance mode.  If it
envolves creating a new kernel, no problem.  I've done that many times
before.  Plus, I've got a Thunderbird 750MHz.  Takes only five minutes to
compile it.
    As another side note, I'm using a Western Digital 30gig.  I heard
something about WDs not being up to par with other hard drives when it comes
to . . . about everything.  How much of that (That you know of) is true?

    Thanks a bundle (for the great $$$ savings hopefully),

    Brandt Dusthimer

> On Tue, 21 Nov 2000, Brandt Dusthimer wrote:
> >  and 2, I'm also usually the file sharing server.
> so you know you're good ... ;-)
> >  However, when everyone's uploading/downloading to/from me, I
> >  experience major system lag and if do anything (even simple command
> >  prompt stuff) there upload/download time increases a lot.
> >  SO, being the all powerful linux user that I am,
> !!!
> >  I have decided to
> >  start using SCSI.  I am under the assumption that SCSI will help.  If
> >  I am wrong. . . well I don't exactly have money spurting out my
> >  ears ( I bag groceries ), please tell me that I'm wrong.
> What's the computer & LANCard of yours? Are you sure that your system
> is using IDE BM-DMA or at least DMA?
> First of all check that the drives are working in their best mode.
> hdparm -v /dev/hd? will show whether DMA is used. Of interest is also
> DRIVE read-ahead. You can tell the capabilities of your
> DRIVEs with hdparm -i /dev/hd?. You will find a entry MaxMultSect. Use
> that number to set MultSect with hdparm -m number.
> Second is the LANCard. If it's an ISAtype or a too simple PCI one,
> expect overhead code executed there that sums up under heavy traffic.
> Besides other info sources, the boot-messages may already tell you about
> your drives & lancard. A debian 2.2 copies them to /var/log/dmesg
> A girl in our network has a Fujitsu IDE 15G doing 15MB/sec and an IBM
> IDE 15G doing 13 MB/sec. Her LANcard is a cheapo ne2kpci and while
> she's gaming she can only tell by the noise from her hard drives that
> some guys are using her PC as the compiler station ...
> greetings, martin
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