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debian 2.2 CRASHES often & easily

Folken Lacour writes:
 > I'm a Linux newbie, but I know this should not be
 > happening.  I can't get an uptime > 36 hours -- Linux
 > just freezes in X.  Occassionally, I'm able to switch
 > over to another VC, where I see 
 > VM: do_try_to_free_pages failed for <application> ...

I had exactly this problem when I had no swap partition.

 > Adding Swap: 72288k swap-space (priority -1)
 > Also, I've noticed that I always run out of swap
 > before RAM, does this mean I should add more swap?  If
 > yes, how is this done?

I think this is your problem.  Adding 128 M of swap to 64 M of
physical memory solved it for me.

Unfortunately, unless you have some free space on your hard disk(s)
you are going to have to delete a partition and recreate _it_ and a
swap partition.  You can use something like cfdisk.  You might have
used it when you installed Debian.


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