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HDs at boot up

I have a error come up while the kernel is booting, although it doesn't affect the machine it makes the kernel loading take much longer than it should.

I am running woody and I have one HD (hda) its an IDE.

During boot up I get the following

ide1: SIS5513 Bus-Master DMA disabled (BIOS)
hda: WDC AC21200H, ATA DISK drive
hdc: no response (status = 0xa1), resetting drive
hdc: no response (status = 0xa1)
hdd: no response (status = 0xa1), resetting drive
hdd: no response (status = 0xa1)
ide0 at 0x1f0-0x1f7,0x3f6 on irq 14
hda: WDC AC21200H, 1222MB w/128kb Cache, CHS=621/64/63

It then goes on to probe the floppy drive, then look for scsi (none) and on to the partitions.

I have no hdc and hdd however its probing for them, why? This takes a fair bit of time since there are no HDs there and I have never seen this before (although I don't have much experience :-)

One last thing my HD has that might be causing a problem is that is has EZ-BIOS from Maxtor installed (this loads before lilo). Its not something I need, however I can't get rid of it. It was installed long ago when this machine had another HD and needed EZ-BIOS to recognize the 10GB HD. I removed the Maxtor HD awhile ago, however EZ-BIOS won't uninstall because it can no longer find a Maxtor HD attached to the computer. Considering the effort to get a Maxtor HD attached, I have just left it there.

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