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debian 2.2 CRASHES often & easily

	I'm a Linux newbie, but I know this should not be
happening.  I can't get an uptime > 36 hours -- Linux
just freezes in X.  Occassionally, I'm able to switch
over to another VC, where I see 
VM: do_try_to_free_pages failed for <application> ...
(There are about 10 lines for each application I'm
running).  But for the most part, the entire system
freezes & I'm forced to do a *hard* reboot (and let
fsck do its thing).  After the reboot,
/var/log/kern.log has a bunch of
VM: do_try_to_free_pages failed for <application> ...
last message repeated <x> times
(x varies from 2 to 31).

	From what I've read in the mail archives, I think
editing /etc/security/limits.conf might fix my
problems, but I really have no idea as to what values
to use (and there's no manpage).

	Please help -- I would greatly appreciate it.

Some info which might help:
debian 2.2 (upgraded from 2.1) on an i686, Pentium II
(400 MHz, not overclocked), 64 MB RAM,

dmesg says:
Memory: 63068k/65472k available (1072k kernel code,
416k reserved, 856k data, 60k init)

hda: ST34321A, 4103MB w/128kB Cache, CHS=523/255/63,
hdc: ATAPI 40X CD-ROM drive, 128kB Cache

Adding Swap: 72288k swap-space (priority -1)

Also, I've noticed that I always run out of swap
before RAM, does this mean I should add more swap?  If
yes, how is this done?

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