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sound delays


I Wonder if someone can help me with an unusual problem. I have
a sb32 (pnp pci) sound card, it works great. I simply loaded:
<*> Creative Ensoniq AudioPCI 97 (ES1371) 
<*> Sound card support
and compiled the 2.2.17 kernel.

The problem is that there is a sizable delay on my audio. I can
start xmms and get sound, but the graghic's are not in sync. in
fact, I can click the stop button and still hear audio for up to 2
seconds. setting buffers on xmms doesn't make a differences. I
also use other programs for decoding sound off the air using high
frequency radio and have had a hard time getting these programs to
work well in a gui mode. I think it has to do with this wierd delay
I'm seeing.

So, is there a way I can learn where the delay stems from and get
it to stop? 

I am using kde2 here now and keeping up with the daily updates using
dselect/apt-get update/upgrade.

tia, best regards


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