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Re: simple network card setup (netgear 10/100 tulip)

Probably not your problem, but make sure you have turned off "plug and
play OS" in your BIOS. This caused a major headache for me with another
card. Also, the ethernet howto may be helpful as well as looking at the
web sites for the driver of your card (probably listed in the source for
your driver or in the ethernet howto). 

On Wed, 22 Nov 2000, Jeff Davis wrote:

> I have been reading docs all day but I cannot figure this one out. Note
> that I am used to Redhat/Mandrake, and I don't know as much as I would
> like to about Debian.
> I have a Netgear 10/100 card. I am sure it works, and I have used the
> same type of card with other distros. In it's "linux.txt" it describes
> an object file called "tulip.o", which I assume to be the same as in the
> Debian distro (I am using 2.2). I tried first to do "modprobe tulip" and
> I get an error from insmod (I think modprobe is just a higher-level
> version of insmod, but I am not sure of this. I tried both) like "device
> or resource busy" and then something about how I might try changing the
> parameters.
> I have no /dev/eth* devices at all in my system. When I try to load the
> tulip module during the initial install I get the same insmod error (but
> before it asks for parameters).
> I recorded the CDs, so I am not sure of their integrity. I tried copying
> files, etc, but it won't be easy to get the good CDs (I think the
> downloaded ISOs should be correct) until I have network access.
> I half expected Debian to see the card immediately and to work
> automatically. I was somewhat surprised to see no eth devices, and more
> surprised when I couldn't just load the module to use it.
> I added a few modules during the setup, including ip_masq modules and
> more notably "traffic shaper". Could these be conflicting? I tried
> removing them and inserting the other, but no effect.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated. I like Debian so far, but
> I haven't seen much :)
> Regards,
>     Jeff Davis
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