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Re: SSL in mozilla M18 and Netscape 6

On Wed, Nov 22, 2000 at 09:54:58AM -0500, Dan Hutchinson wrote:
|I have been using Mozilla M18 and I would agree with you that the ssl
|and RSA functionality is not reliable yet.  It drops myself from secure
|websites.  Sorry It drops the security which is worse.  I would recommend
|sticking with Netscape 4.75 if you like to do secure links, etc..  At
|least until it works more reliable.  

i thing so too, I only have Netscape Navigator, no Communicator, because, I
read and write my mails with mutt :-).

When Mozilla or galeon provide good ssl- connections, then, I hope, I'm able
to throw the F****** Netscape 4* away... :)

One time, you all will be emulated by linux!

Jan- Hendrik Palic
E-Mail: "palic@billgotchy.de"

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