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Problems setting xhosts...

Hi, everybody.

	I am having a strange problem that I do not not how to solve. I usually run X 
as a normal user and I open one xterm as root (with su) to do the fancy stuff. 
>From the normal user, I do 'xhost localhost' and then run ethereal in the root 
window. Up to here, everything works fine, ethereal opens and I am able to 
start capturing packets, but then, if I stop capturing and try to start again, 
with ethereal still open, it dies and the root window complains about not 
being able to access the display... I have to type again in the user window 
'xhost localhost' to be able to restart ethereal!!!

Is there any kind of timer on xhost? How do I add permanently the root user in 
my machine so that everything I run in the root window has rights to access 
the display?!?!

Any help or ideas are greatly welcomed!!
Thanks in advance!


Ignacio Más Ivars
Department of Teleinformatics - Royal Institute of Technology (KTH/IT)
Electrum, 204  S-164 40 KISTA (Sweden)
Office phone: +46 8 7521497
Office fax: +46 8 7511793
E-mail: nacho@it.kth.se

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