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Re: Spin down SCSI drives

Viktor Rosenfeld wrote:
> Ekkehard Krämer wrote:
> > [scsi-spin]
> Spins down the disk alright, but only if it's not mounted.

Actually, it also spins the drive down if it is mounted, giving some
nasty effects when something (like hflushd) accesses the drive (like the
things you've reported in your other mail about noflushd). Not
recommended. :-)

> Unfortunately, that's not really an option.

If you're looking for automatic spin-up/down, it is no alternative,
right. In some cases it is - for example, if a hdd is used solely for
keeping archives which are seldomly accessed; or if a hdd only contains
partitions from other OSses, which are never mounted anyway.

Did you look at scsi-idle from scsitools?


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