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Re: Debian + isdn = ? (a waste of time, so far!)

Robert.Land@t-online.de (robert_wilhelm_land) wrote: 
>garyjones@linuxfreemail.com wrote:

>> "Sorry - isdnPPP driver version 0.0.0 is out of date."
>> "Maybe ippp0 has no 'syncppp' encapsulation?"
>Just struggling with a simular problem on a different distribution
>updated to 2.0.38. Hopefully getting ISDN to run this week.

Good luck! When I asked in de.alt.comm.isdn4linux I was told that it
was wise to upgrade to 2.0.39 as there are some ppp bugs in 2.0.38.
Unfortunately I was unable to d/l the patch that was suggested 
(people/alan) because it wasn't recognised as a tar.gz so used one
from people/tao instead which I /hope/ included the /alan patch as

>If ppp is compiled successfully into the kernel and your Fritz device
>is registrated by the kernel (var/log/messages)

It seems to be, yes. I'm no expert but there is nothing obvious in the
logs that indicates a problem with the card being recognised.

>then you might need to
>upgrade "isdn4linux".

I'd wondered about that. But then I thought: "Come on, if the 
isdn4linux that came off the Debian CD were broken people would have 
screamed from the rooftops." It is probably what I will try next if I 
don't get anywhere by the weekend. Actually I want to try building it 
from the source I have first, and then upgrading if that fails.

>This is exactly what I'm going to do tomorrow,
>because isdn closes up with a E0010 after trying to dial in.

For me it occurs on startup of the system, its about the last message
before the login prompt. Can you let me know if your upgrade works, 
please? If so I'll just put it down to 'one of those things' and d/l
a new version.

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