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Re: Spin down SCSI drives

Brian Murphy wrote:

> Yes. noflushd 2.0 (http://sourceforge.net/projects/noflushd/) includes a
> program in its contrib directory which will spin down a scsi disk. I
> just tried to compile it and it
> seems like it is written for 2.0.x kernels, changing the line which
> contains SCSI_DISK_MAJOR to SCSI_DISK0_MAJOR will allow it to compile on
> a 2.2.x kernel.

Looks more like a glibc issue to me.  Anyway, I managed to compile it
and actually spins my disk down quite nicely.  It won't spin it up
again, though, as they say in the docs.  I haven't tried the kernel
patch yet, because it's after midnight and I don't feel like compiling
another kernel *again*.

The funny thing is, that linux would let me continue to work on that
disk in an xterm, while printing all kinds of SCSI debugging information
on the console and in the syslog. I had so much of my home dir in the
buffers that I didn't even noticed until I cd'd to /usr/local and
couldn't find the src directory there.  Half of /usr/local was missing. 
Freaky.  After spinning up the disk again with spindisk from the
scsitools package I could umount and mount my SCSI partitions.  e2fsck
reported some errors, but nothing major.  Phew!

Noflushd looks very good though, thanks for the link.

MfG Viktor
Viktor Rosenfeld
E-Mail:		mailto:rosenfel@informatik.hu-berlin.de
HertzSCHLAG:	http://www.informatik.hu-berlin.de/~rosenfel/hs/

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