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Re: Gnome window raisng question

> 	Give focus to windows even when they have not asked for it ?????
If not selected, you can click on a window, raise it, and it still won't have focus.
> 	Does click to focus mode pass the click through to the window (Well I don;t
> 	want click to focus mode)
Just a word of caution: disabling pass the click through to the window can have some
weird effects. I tried that once and windows stopped responding to mouse clicks...

> 	Raise windows when they are focuse (No, I don;t want that).
Uncheck that.

> 	Focus follows mouse.
Change the "When does the mouse pointer affect the input focus" option
from "click" to either "enter-exit" or "enter-only"

> 	Windows are raised _only_ whne you click on the border.
Wow...not really sure how or even if it can be done (I'm pretty sure it can). One
other place that might have something to do with this is the 'shortcuts' section of
the sawfish config tool. Unbinding the 'Button1-Click' and 'Button1-Up' events in 
the window and title context may solve your problem...again, a word of caution, this
can possibly lead to some really weird behavior.


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