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Re: Gnome window raisng question

On Mon Nov 20 12:13:37 2000 Cheng H. Lee wrote...
>On Mon, Nov 20, 2000 at 11:55:41AM -0500, Stan Brown wrote:
>> 	I am seting up potato with Gnome and the Swafish WM. I am from a
>> 	"classic" UNIX background, and have always used "focus follows mouse"
>> 	And "Click on border to raise" window managemnet polices. How can I get
>> 	this set up to act like that?
>In GNOME control center, there's a section for the sawfish window manager.
>Both of these settings are under the 'focus' sub-section.

	Hmm, I must be looking at it cross eyed then. I had already been there. What I
	see are:

	Give focus to windows even when they have not asked for it ?????

	Does click to focus mode pass the click through to the window (Well I don;t
	want click to focus mode)

	Focus each window when first displayed (who cares)

	Transient windows inherit focus from their parent (probably a good idea)

	Raise windows when they are focuse (No, I don;t want that).

	Here is what I want:

	Focus follows mouse.

	Windows are raised _only_ whne you click on the border.

	Can U get there from here?

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