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Re: a few newbie questions

I'll do my best...hopefully someone will back me up...

On Mon, Nov 20, 2000 at 10:12:39AM -0800, Tristan wrote:
> 1) After compiling a new kernel, when i boot up i get an error saying
> "modprobe: can't locate module char-major-10-135"
> is this error serious how can i fix it?

If I remember correctly from the kernel sources, this is a module used to
deal with different code pages (i.e. handling different character sets). You
can prevent modprobe from trying to load it by commenting out the appropriate
line from /etc/modules.conf
> 2) Also when i boot up how do i disable a nfs and lpd service from
> starting automatically?

Provided nfs is a user space daemon and not one built into the kernel --
change the symlinks in your /etc/rc2.d directory to stop these services
instead of starting them. This is accomplished by changing the symlink from
S* to K*. For example to stop the lp service, move /etc/rc2.d/S20lpd (or
whatever it's called on your system) to /etc/rc2.d/K20lpd
Simlarly, to stop NFS, move /etc/rc2.d/S20nfs-server (again, if that's what
it's called on your system) to /etc/rc2.d/K20nfs-server

> 3) I just installed console-apt, what are the differences between
> console-apt and dselect (which one should i use?)

Not sure what the exact differences are. Personally I prefer apt over dselect
unless I'm not sure exactly what package(s) I'm looking for. In my experience,
apt does a better job of checking for dependency problems.

Hope this help,

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