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debianising DRI X source


I recently switched from my own hand-rolled X server/libs combo to
Brandon's packages in Woody (because running X outside of the debian
system is a real pain). Brandon's packages work great but I'm having
problems with 3D on my rage 128 (flickering, no multitexture,
occasional hard locks). I would like to use the DRI CVS tree for my X
server, libs and modules but Brandon's package system.

Vaguely I have the notion that I can use some dpkg-source trickery on
a copy of the CVS tree, then use dpkg-buildpackage to create a local
version of X which has all Brandon's package niceties but uses the
latest 3D code.

Has anyone else done this, or at least thought of it? Any advice? I'm
not overly familiar with building local versions of packages, to be
honest - although I've locally built glibc since I'm using kernel


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