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lprng printing model

Hi to all!

I am trying to setup correctly the printer facility in my Debian 2.2 system. In the book Debian GNU/Linux 2.1
 Unleashed, by M. Camou, J. Goerzen and A. V. Couwenberghe, from SAMS editors, the authors said that 
Debian uses the lprng printing model. I don't know how install it. I didn't find it in the Debian CD distribution.
I only found the lpr package and I installed it without any problem. I wonder if I need more in order to obtain 
the maximum performance of my HP 870 CXi DeskJet printer. Do I need to install any other package or any 
special driver for the printer? I will appreciate very much if someone could mail me the printcap file 
corresponding to this printer.
Thanks in advance for the help!

Marcelo Chiapparini               

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