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Re: Program can't find shared libraries

  for quick solution use option 3 so that you don't polute your system.
set $LD_LIBRARY_PATH to whatever directory you want to add as search
path for shared libraries. separator is ':' (if you want to add more
than one path)

  if you are going to use the shared libs by other programs, put them
into /usr/local/lib or something like that... don't forget to run


Matt Miller wrote:
> I've built an application that consists of serveral executable
> programs and several shared libraries.  The programs need the
> shared libraries, but the programs can't find the libraries.
> Here is an error I receive when trying to start a program:
>         /usr/local/panther/run/util/prodev: error while
>         loading shared libraries: libsmdb.so: cannot open
>         shared object file: No such file or directory
> The app's build process put several shared libraries in a /lib
> subdirectory of the app's home directory.  What's the best
> solution?  Here are some of my ideas:
> 1. copy the libraries to /lib or /usr/lib
> 2. put symlinks in /lib or /usr/lib
> 3. set some environment variable or something to tell
>    this particular suite of programs to check the app's
>    special /lib directory.
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