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Debian + isdn = ? (a waste of time, so far!)

I'm having some problems setting up  my isdn. Here is the configuration:

o Debian 2.1r4 (Kernel 2.0.38 + the patch ->2.0.39 from kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/people/tao)
o AVM Fritz!PCI card (Hisax/type 27, thanks for that info Marko)
o isdnutils/isdn4linux 3.0beta2 (as provided packaged on the CDs)

I built the kernel with

# ISDN subsystem

which I presume to be what is required. Do I also need to build in the PPP and/or SLIP stuff? I've tried it both building it in and not building it in. Whatever I do, I get the following message at the end of the startup sequence:

"Sorry - isdnPPP driver version 0.0.0 is out of date."
"Maybe ippp0 has no 'syncppp' encapsulation?"

I found the version number very strange, so looked in the source code and sure enough it is explicitly set to 0.0.0 if the ioctl against the driver fails. The problem is I don't know why it is failing, just that it is :(

What am I doing wrong, here, please?

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