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Re: 386 install

> Btw. forget it. I saw a pentium/100 with 8MB RAM, and it was unusable slow. 
> apt-get-installing a 20kb-package took 5 Minutes(!). After upgrading to 24MB 
> RAM (didn't check 16MB), it was a cool server, even able to run small 
> php3-scripts in a fast manner.

As always it only depends on what you're going to want your computer to
handle. I have had an 8MB-386 Laptop to work as a portable
protocoll-analyser, scope, etc. - no X, just SVGALib and console.
To compile it's own kernel would take 1,5 hours, lots of swapping, etc.
Does it have to do this - any other machine on the network did it
faster and so they did it for him  - hey, that's linux, where we all
work together ;-)

But beware, i had no luck with any debian BINARY packages after the bo
release (very ancient) to run on a 386, the kernel hung right after
unpacking itself. I will try a debian install on _4_ (four) MB 386-25
in a few days. Still looking around for the details of cross-compiling
(to 386 and m68k), as i think this is the only possible way to get
things going.
The 386 is needed as a single client web-server & browser for a
christmas party in mannheim, roadcase on December 25th, 8pm.
Currently it is running an old SuSe-Kernel, decoding radio-wheather
faxes all day long.
The 32MHz ATARI-TT (greetings & respect, Kerstin!) will be my

So have fun & do your thing, but remember, you will have to compile
that stuff yourself!

greetings, martin

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