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Re: X over the network was: Re: 386 install

On Tuesday 21 November 2000 13:32, Pap Tibor wrote:
> On Tue, 21 Nov 2000, Daniel Reuter wrote:
> > uwm). If you have a network connection, you could run X over the network
> > and use the machine as terminal.
> How can you do that?
> I thought X server must run on the same machine where the display and
> keyboard is, and you can run X programs on any other machine using your X
> server. But in this case the X server uses your local machine's memory
> which is so low.
My systems
P400 and 486
There are lots of ways what I do is:
On the P400 open an xterm
P400$ xhost 486
P400$ telnet -a 486
486$ Password:
486$ tkdesk ( or what ever else you might want to run 

If I'm going to be working on the 486 for a while I'll:
startx with no wm only an xterm. I've got a user set up with the .xinitrc for 
P400$xhost 486
P400$telnet -a 486

good luck

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