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Re: fetchmail won't fetch

On Sat, 18 Nov 2000, ktb wrote:
> I'm a little farther along with my mail trials.  Out going works
> fine but I can't receive with fetchmail.  I'm using exim, fetchmail
> and pine on Potato.  

I use sendmail, so i don't understand the implications of your
configuration, BUT:

I can't see where you give info to the progs that xyf@pp is kent@debian.
With sendmail i have an Alias 'user@debian xyf@pp' AND fetchmail gets
> poll smtp.peoplepc.com with proto POP3
>        user xyf@peoplepc.com there with password xxxx is 
	user@debian     # NOT: xyf@peoplepc.com here

Your fetchmail log looks good. Try running fetchmail in the foreground
with debugging output. The man-page is admittedly somewhat hard to
read, but ...


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