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Re: 386 install

"Jean-Marc Cadudal" <jean-marc.cadudal@sema.fr> writes:

> I have an old 386 on which I'd like to install Debian 2.2.
> HP Vectra RS/20
> 10 Mb RAM
> 100 Mb DISK
> Floppy 1,4 Mb
> Floppy 1,2 Mb
> The only way I can install on this config is to use the
> floppy method. I have then created a set of boot floppies
> with the "idepci" kernel flavour.
> The boot process fails when introducing the root floppy.

Take out the HDD and and install on another machine, or from another
machine using chroot.

Andre Berger <andre.berger@topmail.de> from Bonn, Germany

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