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Re: Couple of questions from a recent convert

"Robert" == Robert A Jacobs <r.a.jacobs@home.com> writes:

> * JD Kitch <adahma@gmx.net> [181100 14:17]:
>> Does the default install support an SB AWE32 for sound without
>> recompiling the kernel?

> No the default install does not support SB AWE32.  You need to patch
> the kernel and recompile.  If your SB AWE32 is a pnp card, you will
> need to configure it using the isapnp tools.

Hm.  When I installed from the CD (potato), I saw and installed the
awe_drv module when browsing packages.  This apparently placed an
awedrv directory in /usr/src, and when I later compiled a kernel,
there were the appropriate options in the config step for awe32.
Also, the awe_midi module was loaded at boot time from the beginning.
And the config.2.2.17 file in /boot seemed to imply that the default
kernel had AWE32 module support.

Well, let me try running install.sh in the awedrv directory anyway.
Shouldn't hurt anything....  Note that the docs in the awe_drv
directory state that one should run make config for the kernel at
least once before running install.sh from the awedrv patch directory.

> These are the instructions I wrote for myself for configuring my own
> SB AWE32 sound card.  Ignore the references to the USR modem. :)
> Hope they are helpful.

Very helpful, thanks.  

> 	    Following compilation, the following modules should be
> available in the "misc" category when executing "modconf":

> 	       adlib_card awe_wave opl3 sb sound soundcore soundlow
> uart401
Now this is very interesting.  When I run 'modconf', everything
mentioned above shows up, except 'soundcore'!  I wonder if this is the
reason why everything looks ok in /dev/sndstat with the exception of
"Installed drivers" and "Card config"?

>    5. Configure the sound modules for use with the kernel:

>       a.  modconf b.  Configure "awe_wave" from the "misc" category
> with no parameters.  c.  Configure "sb" from the "misc" category and
> provide the following parameters:

> 	  io=0x280 irq=9 dma=0 dma16=7 mpu_io=0x300
Won't the particular values here be system-dependent?

Ok, I'm recompiling the kernel as I type this.  Hopefully soundcore
will be available in modconf after it's done and a reboot.


Albert ``Willy'' Lee, Emacs user, game programmer
"They call me CRAZY - just because I DARE to DREAM of a RACE of 

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