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Re: exim masquerading problems

Ok, another question: Can you still send mail to users at fury.brutsche.com? I
originally had 
local_domains = localhost:linux.wku.edu
but, I couldn't send mail to other users at linux.wku.edu, it would just try to
deliver the mail locally. I removed linux.wku.edu from local_domains and I
could then it would work, but as the admin of linux.wku.edu let me know later,
mail from debconf and a cron error went to him instead me.

I didn't noticed the /etc/email-addresses file before so I added:
rvf: rvf@linux.wku.edu

Would that help at all?

Other than the local_domains var, my config file is pretty much the same as


On Sun, Nov 19, 2000 at 11:10:27PM -0600, Phil Brutsche wrote:
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> A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way, someone said...
> > I somehow lost the last message in this thread, but to whomever mentioned if
> > looking at a perfect config file would help: Yes, that would be great, if
> > you're using a similar smarthost configuration.
> It's at http://tux.creighton.edu/~pbrutsch/exim.conf (it's for a different
> computer than tux, btw)
> A couple notes:
>  * I'm set up for Maildir
>  * I fake the domain "brutsche.com" behind my firewall
>  * I use a smarthost (eventually :) to deliver messages via my ISP rather
>    than directly
>  * I also use email address rewriting in exim to make sure everything
>    comes out ok
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