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SUCCESS - Getting Apache/PHP/Mysql working on Debian Potato

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Well after my frantic squawking its not cooking along nicely!

For the record and so everyone knows for the next time an
inexperienced (dare i say incompetent) user like myself comes along,
this is what i did wrong and this is how it got fixed...

apt-get install apache

apacheconfig told me i had to edit httpd.conf to set the apache root
directory (might have my terms wrong here but i hope the meaning is

having seen this dir in a lot of different places (/home/httpd on
redhat, /usr/local/apache/www on BSD) i decided to get creative and
/usr/apache seemed like a nice place i'd remember.

at no point that i could see in the install was the correct /var/www
suggested to me.

i then installed php3 which is where i hit a snag... the setup of
php3, in particular the running of apacheconfig wouldn't
automatically load the module...

feeling brave i went into httpd.conf and uncommented the appropriate
line, and restarted apache

still no luck...

somewhat later i found out about /var/www (BTW i do think /var is the
best place for this) and changed the httpd.conf to reflect this.

Bingo (mind you apacheconfig still wasn't working quite to spec, i
was editing the conf file myself and restarting the server)

php3 was now working...

Mysql was not

apt-get install php3-mysql

buzzed and whirred but didn't help. and the setup offered no
suggestions about editing files.

help from kind people on this list told me about adding

extension=mysql.so to the php3.ini file...

now it all works!!

i have to say i feel a teensy bit let down by the package maintainers

having said that i have learnt a lot about the inner workings of the
systems i'm using - this was positive for me but others might like
things to work as advertised.

Regards and thanks for the help and patience of everyone here,


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