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debian upgrade mess; glibc/samba

Hi, all...

I've been scrounging around for info on some of the troubles
I've run into with my "upgrade" from Debian 2.1 to 2.2 in 
August (see my email with similar subject as this one for 

ok, so I'm been looking into the trouble I have with Samba,
and I found in the Samba message archive:

> According to the usenet this one ("tree connect failed: code 0") 
> almost always has to do something with a mismatch between an older 
> Linux kernel and a newer glibc. 

I bet I'm experiencing this problem.  Do I simply need to 
recompile my Linux kernel with the libraries I have?  Or
should I go through some other, more thorough, steps to make
sure I have the latest/greatest glibc and a newer set of
kernel sources (I have 2.0.36; want 2.2.x)?

Suggestions?  Thanks!


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