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Re: debian upgrade mess; glibc/samba

Chris Palmer wrote:
> > According to the usenet this one ("tree connect failed: code 0")
> > almost always has to do something with a mismatch between an older
> > Linux kernel and a newer glibc.
> I bet I'm experiencing this problem.

I'd put my money on it as well.

> Do I simply need to
> recompile my Linux kernel with the libraries I have?

The kernel doesn't depend on libc.

> Or
> should I go through some other, more thorough, steps to make
> sure I have the latest/greatest glibc and a newer set of
> kernel sources (I have 2.0.36; want 2.2.x)?

Potato has glibc-2.1.3 by default, which is supposed to be matched with
linux 2.2. So try upgrading you kernel.


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