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Re: NCR53C9x (MCA) SCSI problem with scanner

Seems like it's just a conflict between the controller and the scanner
because the other devices work ok.  As it crashes anyway, with
termination on the controller, try it without.

man sane-scsi only briefly refers to the ncr53c8xx controller in the
context of 2.0 kernels.  You could try setting the SANE_DEBUG_SANEI_SCSI
variable to see if anything in the debug messages help.  Also check


Shawn D'Alimonte wrote:
> On November 19, 2000 08:20 am, you wrote:
> > Does your kernel have scsi CD-ROM and generic support?  I also have
> > an internal scsi CD-ROM and a scsi scanner:  my CD-ROM is detected as
> > sr0 and the scanner comes in as sg2 - do you see anything like these
> > being detected later on in dmesg?
> The kernel has CDROM and generic support (generic is a module, but gets
> autoloaded before the crash).  The CDROM is sr0 and the scanner is sg2.
> > Also, ensure that you have scsi termination set on the scanner - this
> > _is_ the only device on the external chain isn't it?
> The scanner is the only external device and it is terminated.  The bus
> is over terminated  but I have never seen a system outright crash due
> to that.  I didn't want to remove the terminators on the motherboard
> since the scanner won't always be connected.
> Here is what is there
>             Internal                                       |    External
> T-HD0--HD1--CDROM--Controller--T-|---Scanner-T
> --
> Shawn D'Alimonte   sdalimon@home.com

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