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Re: Debian Firewall/Gateway

>>>>> "RC" == Robin Collins <robin.collins@mailandnews.com> writes:
    RC>  How did you configure DNS on this second machine?  I'm far from
    RC> a firewall expert :) but all I did was to put my ISP's DNS
    RC> server IPs in /etc/resolv.conf on my internal system and the
    RC> firewall simply passes on the request out through the NAT and
    RC> gives me back the reply.

That's what I initially did. I just entered two of the @Home NS IP
addresses. But when the debian installer was attempting to download the
base files, it could not resolve http.us.debian.org and failed.

I was using the latest (I think) Debian 2.2r1 boot floppies.

    RC> I can't think I did anything else.  Did you check your firewall
    RC> log for any indications that you're blocking the DNS traffic?

I am not that familiar with IPChains or IPMasquerading right now. So
ever if there was something in there, I wouldn't notice it. Is there a
way to setup IPChains and IPMasquerading to allow any and every type of
traffic ? That would at least allow me to get my second box up and
running. I could then go back and properly configure IPChains and

Salman Ahmed
ssahmed AT pathcom DOT com

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