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debian upgrade mess

Hi, all...

I just joined the list, in hopes of finding a solution
to a problem I had some time back with upgrading my
Debian system via APT/dselect.

I had installed 2.1 from CD, and then used dselect to
install nearly all of the packages I was using.  Within
a week after 2.2 was released (week of Aug 15), I went
into dselect and updated the package lists and proceeded
to upgrade my system.

Wow, was I surprised when a number of packages were
removed from my system at the end.  I had a fun time
getting perl back on my system, and a really cool guy
from work created a custom package for me so I could
get Majordomo running again.

Well, since then, I haven't had much time to go in and
get everything working again and have had a semi-crippled
system all this time.

Among the things that are not working or are not installed
now since my "upgrade" are:  samba (broken), lynx (missing).

I've been wary of going into dselect again since I still
have a few very important things working (IPMasq w/VPN 
support) that are critical for me to login to work 

So...  anyone else see something like this, and hopefully
have some suggestions/solutions for me?  I would greatly
appreciate any input that would allow me to avoid having
to completely re-install Debian from scratch (and I'd
probably go with 2.1 since that had majordomo, lynx, etc).


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