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Re: Device name for serial mouse?

Stan Brown wrote:
> On Sun Nov 19 13:26:29 2000 Tilton wrote...
> >
> >Ooops!
> >
> >I didn't answer the question you asked.  Sorry!
> >
> >COM1: = /dev/ttyS0
> >COM2: = /dev/ttyS1
> >                ^
> >                ^---> Note capital 'S' used here!!!!
> >
> >
> >as for the device type for gpm I don't know which mouse
> >you are using, "(actually one of those combo serial/PS-2 things) "
> >so I can't suggest a "type" selection in gpmconfig for you.
> >
> >Good luck on getting this working before Monday.
> >
> >T. Tilton
> >
>         Thanks, I still have no idea wat type is is. I't wahtever the default for gpm
>         is (which unfortunately seems to be undocumented :-()
>         But, the good news is. I did get something working. I could not get gpm to send
>         out a PS/2 protocol on it's repeater output, so I took what it liked there
>         "ms3" and chnged XF86Config to expect ?microsoft" which seems to work.
>         Thanks for the help.


While in gpmconfig if you enter "help" at the "type prompt" it will list
all the available mouse protocols gpm supports.  At the bottom of the
list is a line that gives the default for gpm on i386 systems (in this
it is -> ps2).

You could also look in the /etc/gpm.conf file before doing any
and you will see what the intial/default value is.

Also, and I don't remember the specifics, you should start and stop both
gpm and X after you make a config change in gpm.  I don't remember if
start gpm then X or vice versa (I would say this is the correct order;
then X.)

One other thing; I don't use the /dev/gpm* device.  I have a link from
/dev/mouse to /dev/psaux or to /dev/ttyS1 (I have more than one system
with different mice on them.)  I seem to remember that I have had
using the /dev/gpm* device.  Again, sorry for not being more specific
but linking directly to the device port has always worked solidly for

Here is the "help" listing from gpmconfig that I did;

Regards, T. Tilton

bash# gpmconfig
Configuring gpm (mouse event server):

Current configuration: -m /dev/mouse -t mman -Rms3 -l
Device: /dev/mouse
Type: mman
Repeat_Type: ms3
Append: -l "a-zA-Z0-9_.:~/\300-\326\330-\366\370-\377"
Do you want to change anything (Y/n)? 
Where is your mouse [/dev/mouse]? 

What type is your mouse (or help) [mman]? 
> help

gpm-Linux 1.17.8, $Date: 1999/01/03 21:02:51 $
Available mouse types are:

name (synonym)       description

mman (Mouseman)    - The MouseMan protocol used by new Logitech mice.
ms                 - For Microsoft mice (2 or 3 buttons). Some old 2
button mice
                     send some spurious packets, which can be
misunderstood as
                     middle-button events. If this is happens to you,
use the
                     'bare' mouse type.
ms+                - Like 'ms', but allows dragging with the middle
ms+lr              - 'ms+', but you can reset m by pressing lr (see man
bare (Microsoft)   - For some 2 button Microsoft mice. Same as 'ms'
except that
                     gpm will not attempt to simulate a third button.
msc (MouseSystems) - For most 3 button serial mice.
sun                - For Sparc mice.
mm (MMSeries)      - For MM series mice.
logi (Logitech)    - For old serial Logitech mice.
bm (BusMouse)      - For some busmice, including Microsoft and Logitech
ps2 (PS/2)         - For most busmice connected to a PS/2 port (round
with 6 met
ncr                - For pointing pens found on some laptops.
wacom              - For Wacom tablets.
genitizer          - For "Genitizer" tablets. They are used in relative
logim              - For turning on the MouseSystems compatible mode (3
                     of some Logitech mice.
pnp                - For the new 'plug and play' mice produced by
                     Try it if '-t ms' does not work.
imps2              - For the Microsoft IntelliMouse on a PS/2 port
                     connector with 6 pins), 3 buttons (wheel is
ms3                - For the Microsoft IntelliMouse (serial), 3 buttons
(wheel i
s repeated).
netmouse           - For the "Genius NetMouse". This one has two normal
                     'up'/'down' buttons.
cal                - For a Calcomp UltraSlate.
calr               - For a Calcomp UltraSlate in relative mode.
twid               - For the "Twidddler" keyboard.
syn (synaptics)    - For the "Synaptics" serial TouchPad.
synps2 (synaptics_ps2) - For the "Synaptics" PS/2 TouchPad.
brw                - For the Fellowes Browser - 4 buttons (and a wheel)
(dual pr
js (Joystick)      - For "Joystick" mouse emulation.
summa              - For a Summa/Genius tablet in absolute mode
mtouch             - For MicroTouch touch-screens (only button-1 events
right no
acecad             - For Acecad tablet in absolute mode (Sumagrapics
MM-Series m
kmiabps2           - For the Kensignton Mouse in a box on a PS/2 port
                     connector with 6 pins), 3 buttons.

Default for i386 is ps2
What type is your mouse (or help) [mman]?

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