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Local IMAP server


since Netscape Messenger isn't able to do proper locking on its own mbox
files and I want to use both Netscape and mutt for mail reading, I'm
thinking about installing a local IMAP server on my woody machine, which
will only "serve" my own mails.

The current situation is this: leafnode is fetching mails to
/var/spool/mail/, and Netscape is getting it from there with movemail
and using it's own Message Filters to distribute the mails to several
folders (mailing lists, e.g.). procmail is running, too, but only does
small things like spam control and auto-replies; it doesn't deliver them
to any but the default spool file.

The new way would be: leafnode is fetching mails; these are processed by
procmail and written to the IMAP server's mboxes or maildirs (whatever
the IMAP server uses). Netscape will then access the IMAP server on
localhost and always let all the mail "stay on the server". Also, I may
use other MUAs (e.g., mutt) which also support IMAP, and they will all
be able to share the same mail folders, with all the mails managed by
the IMAP server.

Am I missing a critical problem here? I've never set up an IMAP server -
is it possible that procmail will deliver mails to specific IMAP folders
(I know, the direction should be the other way round normally :-) ),
i.e., is there an IMAP server which uses "normal" mboxes, maildirs or
something else which can be written by procmail, with proper locking?

Which IMAP server would you suggest for this task from these here:



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