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Debian Firewall/Gateway

I'd like to setup my current machine (which has 2 NICs) as a
firewall/gateway running Debian. On the other machine which will be on
my internal network, I'd like to install Debian using the boot floppies
over the network using this current machine as a gateway. The reason for
doing this is that for some strange reason my Rogers@Home cable modem
will only work with the Rogers supplied Sohoware NDC 10/100 NIC, and the
other NICs that I have (2 D-Link 530TX+s) won't work with the cable
modem connection (go figure that out).

Last night with the help of a couple of guys on #debian, I setup a
IPChains and IPMasquerading on my current system using the firewall.sh
script from http://firewall.langistix.com/. I then connected the second
box to this system using a crossover cable, started the debian installer
from the boot floppies.

During the install, I configured the network as follows: the second box
was given a private IP address and the internal network iface of my
firewall (eth1) was used as the gateway IP address for the new system. I
was able to ping from this second system to the firewall box and vice
versa. And I was also able to ping outside hosts from this second system
as long as I used IP addresses. For some reason, name resolution/lookup
was not working from the second box and that's why I was unable to
complete the debian install on the second box.

Anyone have any ideas as to why name resolution/lookup might not work ?
One of the guys on #debian suggested installing dnrd on the firewall
box and then specifying the firewall box's IP address as the nameserver
IP during network configuration on the second system, which I did. That
didn't solve my problems either.

What am I looking for is a way to install Debian on the second box using
my current system as the gateway box running IPmasq with a minimal
amount of effort in setting up IPchains/IPmasq. Once I have setup this
second system, I can then go about properly setting up IPChains/IPMasq.

I don't suppose anyone has written debian-specific instructions/docs on
howto do this ?

Thanks for any info.

Salman Ahmed
ssahmed AT pathcom DOT com

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