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SVGAlib/X Screen sync problems

Hello Debianers,

I have a problem with my ct65535 and the Sharp 640x480 LCD in my AT&T
Globalyst 130 laptop. Description:
I can't get the screen to sync. When I start X I get a scrumbled screen.
It goes away, when I do a LCD/CRT/LCD switch. I already used the
UseModeLine option and fiddled with the modelines, but to now avail. None
of the X-Setup programs in debian (xfconfig, xfsetup) will create me a
correct modeline, and xvidtune fails either.
Now, when I exit X, the console is crumbled either, which also goes away
with a LCD/CRT/LCD switch. This could perhaps be restored with the
TextClockFreq option but havn't tried yet.
As in the last time, I only started X to look at my typeset
TeX-documents with xdvi, and this is a bit of a overhead (8 Meg RAM
machine), I decided to purge X and install SVGAlib. Now the strange thing:
If I display GNUplot plots, the switch to graphics mode works! Now when it
switches back to textmode, the console is garbled, I do LCD/CRT/LCD ->
restored. But if I start dvisvga, the graphics mode is garbled too!
I've been fighting with this problem very long, and finally decided to
contact the list. So my question:
Is there a utility to find out about the TextClockFrequency used at the
console at bootup? And how can I find out about the correct modelines
(already had a look at kenneth harkers page, but didn't find anything,
that fitted)?
Note beside: With windoze (which I finally banned two years ago from all
of my computers), graphics mode worked (Calm down folks, it was the only
thing that worked really o.k. ;-) But I suppose there's no way to
find out about the modes and clocks, which that OS uses.


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