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Re: HELP!!!

On Sat, Nov 18, 2000 at 06:24:40PM -0500, Brett Singer wrote:

:not sure i follow you - tell me if this helps to clarify the situation:
:on the windows machines i'm using, it was pretty much plug and go - once the
:cards were installed, i plugged in the ethernet cable, got an 'automatic' IP
:address, and that was it.  the router does the rest.  which, of course, is
:what's going to make the linux install more difficult ;-)

Did you need to install any software on the Windows machine (other
than the ethernet device driver)?  If not you're probably in luck and
the protocol between your machine and the DSL box is "normal" IP
stuff.  If you're connection from windows just involves setting TCP/IP
on the card to use DHCP, this is good

:tried this:
:> bash$ /sbin/ifconfig -a
:which got me:
:lo	Link encap:Local loopback
:	  <bunch of stuff>

The OS is not seeing your card, as a wild shot (not really knowing
your card) try, as root:

bash# insmod 3c59x

this will (try) to load the driver for newer 3com PCI cards, if this
fails, you can `cd` to /lib/modules/<kernel-version-number>/net

an `ls` will show you the available drivers, yours will probably start
with 3c although some 3com cards use a tulip chip set. Try `insmod
<filename>` untill you don't get an error message :)


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