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Re: HELP!!!

On Sat, Nov 18, 2000 at 06:06:12PM -0500, urbanyon wrote:
> :-)  Can you suggest a better book?  it's nice to have a reference.

    If you don't know Unix at all, then the Sams-Net Debian book looks good. I
didn't get it since there's too much basic knowledge there that I already have
and not enough Debian-specific material. 

    Hmm. Here's a nice list.


> "dmesg" doesn't work.  try something else, or is it something i need to
> install?

    It's in the util-linux package. There's some rather vital stuff in there,
are you sure it's just not in your path?

    dpkg -l "*util*" | grep ^i

    Should be in the /bin directory. It gives you all the messages sent to the
console during boot. 


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