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Re: HELP!!!

On Sat, Nov 18, 2000 at 04:21:54PM -0500, urbanyon wrote:
> i am using a cdrom that came with the book 'learning debian gnu/linux'
> (oreilly).  various packages that even the book tells i need are not on

    Ah. What a crappy book. It was my first Debian book, and install, too.
Note: It is _not_ Debian 2.1. It's a modified copy of Slink, with some Potato
packages thrown in, and the kernel was modified by VA Linux Systems. 
    When I tried to enable networking, I got void pointer errors from the
Kernel and then it panicked. As soon as I got a stock Debian kernel all the
problems that I was having went away. I'd recommend you replace the kernel on
the CD ASAP. 

> 1. is there a program that i can use to set up a 'net connection using my
> NIC?

    Not really, but you don't really need one. If your NIC is recognized, you
can set yourself up with a static IP via ifconfig and route. If your ISP wants
you to use dhcp, use dhcpcd or pump. 

> 2. do i need to do anything to check that the NIC is, in fact, installed?

    Try "dmesg | grep eth". Typically your first NIC on a PC will be called

> 3. i've been using apt-get - what should my sources.list file read?

    This'll do for potato.

deb ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian potato   main contrib non-free

    You'd need a working connection of course. For the CD, just use

deb file:/cdrom stable main contrib


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