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Re: OT: working with cisco gear (Re: CISCO --> debian tool(s))

> > which are useful unless you have to manage lots of those boxes, 
> I wouldn't know.
> but isn't that what OpenView is for? and is unbeatable in that field?

Openview doesn't manage those boxes specifically.  It's an expensive
-agent.  If you're wanting GUI management of Cisco boxes, look at Cisco
Works.  The best platform you can get for it is Solaris (which is nothing
to sneeze at.)  It is nice to have CW go out and archive the software revs
and keep a database of all that.  I've never used CW for anything more
than an audit trail of changes.  The GUI, like all management GUI's, just
ain't natural for we command-line-folk.

For me, telnet and a tftp daemon do just fine.  Throw in a perl script
or two to scrog configs regularly and parse syslog entries, and add MRTG
on top of that.

my .02.

John B. Kramer  

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