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Re: Help getting PS/2 mouse working, please

On Sat Nov 18 13:51:07 2000 Moritz Schulte wrote...
>"Stan Brown" <stanb@awod.com> writes:
>[PS2 mouse]
>> How can I test and make certain it is working, and get it configured
>> corectly so that it works in console mde, and passes data on through
>> to the X server?
>Have you already installed 'GPM'? It should ask you some questions
>after it's installation. There you've to specify the "Repeat
>type". You can run /usr/sbin/gpmconfig again or edit /etc/gpm.conf
>manually. See 'man gpm' for more information on GPM and the repeat
>type. Set the repeat type to 'raw' - this seems to work good. Set the
>mouse protocol to 'ps2'; some so called "PS2 mice", e.g. the Logitech
>Cordless Wheel mouse, needs 'imps2' as protocol.
>Got it working in console mode?

	Mmm, sorry I was not specific enough on my problems.

	The answer is "no it's not working in console mode".

	Here is what i have in /etc/gpm.conf


	Think I should cahnge the tyep?

	I ned to get it working in console mode first, before moving on to X

	Thanks for the help

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