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Re: exim and mtt probs continue

On Sat, Nov 18, 2000 at 03:01:22PM -0000, John-Mark wrote:

> [...] what is my visible mail name [...]

The visible name should be the name you gave to your computer.

> I can't fine where to set up the isp smtp info re sending mail.

When exim asks for your smarthost, enter the name for your provider's smtp

> Fetchmail seems to be ok but where does it write the emails to.

Your incoming mail will go to /var/spool/mail/jmj by default.

> I have installed mutt but when i run it i get the message that there is no
> /var/spool/mail/jmj directory jmj being my user name. Apparently exim should
> set this up for me/ I am truly at a loss.

Don't worry, just make sure it already exists.

> Mutt is also supposed to make a file called .muttrc in my home directory but
> this does not exist [...]

You have to do this yourself. There is a /etc/Muttrc which should already work
for you. You may want to copy it into your home directory and rename it as

> If you have any idea how to proceed.

I also have a ppp-dialup-connection to my internet provider. Below are my
answers during /usr/sbin/eximconfig. Replace them with your's where necessary.

- What is the 'visible' name of your system:k-star
- Does this system have any other names?:none
- Are there any domains you want to relay mail for?:none
- Are there any networks of local machines you want to relay mail for?:none
- Would you like to use the RBL?:n
- Which machine will act as the smarthost?:smtp.netway.at
- Which user account should system administrator mail go to?:andy

After you have finished your configuration, you should check your
/etc/exim.conf for your rewriting rule in the section 'REWRITE CONFIGURATION'.
Make sure that it is enabled, i.e. uncommented.

Then you have to enter something like the following into your


Now you should be able to send and receive mail. If you want to use mutt's
mailboxes you have to configure procmail additionally.

I hope this helps.
By the way: Wrap your lines. Also make question marks when asking questions.
You will certainly be rewarded with better responses. 

Kind regards,

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