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Auxiliary screen

Hi debianers,
  I put my hands on a old 15" screen and scavenged a old PC to get a
S3 PCI graphic card which can be installed on one of the free PCI
slots of my current potato box. I would like to configure things in
such a way that the new screen is say tty8 so that I can use it to
display some interesting things and even switch to it (mean attach to
it the keyboard) by something like Ctrl+Alt+F8. I do not realy need to
put X on that screen, a simple tty will suffice so I do not think that
I need (and in any case I don't want to) install the XFree 4.0.x
thing. Anyone could help? At least by providing a good documentation
pointer? Thank's a lot people.

Leo TheHobbit 
IRCnet #leiene
ICQ 56656060

Version: 3.1
GED/CS d? s-:+>-: a C+++ U+++ L++(+++)>++++ P+++>+++++ E+(++) 
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