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incomplete cookies with PHP

Debian potato, Apache 1.3.12, PHP _4.0.3pl1-0potato1.deb

I've tried the PHP mailing lists, archives, knowledge bases, etc.
out of desparation I'm posting here.

when I use session_start ()  I get a cookie or /tmp/sess* file
that only contains the variables' name but no value.  I've rebuilt
PHP about 3 times now.  Checked Netscape for saving cookies,
rewrote the php script a hundred times but can't seem to sovle this

Doing a session_encode() produces this for the script below:


any ideas will be greatly appreciated.
- greg s.

here's the script:

<title>Listing 20.2 Registering variables with a session</title>
$product1 = "Sonic Screwdriver";
$product2 = "HAL 2000";
print session_encode();
print "<br>The products have been registered.";

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