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Re: Netscape 6.0/konqueor


Can you please tell me which version your ssl packages are (0.95?) because I
also don't have https support and want to veryfy if it's because of the
firewall which I use for http connections or if it's because of wrong libs.

Thanks in advance,

Stephan Hachinger

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> On Fri, Nov 17, 2000 at 10:37:13AM -0500, Anderson, Tim       TL33E wrote:
> > On my box konqueror has been a breath of fresh air.. with the exception
> > https support, which isn't there.  Anyone know if that's a KDE thing or
> > it just not compiled into the packages at kde.tdyc.com?
> I don't know about the kde.tdyc.com stuff, but I seem to have
> https support using the woody stuff with the kdelibs3-crypto and
> kdebase-crypto packages installed.
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